Our Trip to Intel

By Grace-Anne, Sinéad, Maria and Daisy.

On the 11th of December we visited Intel in Leixlip to present our project ‘Test Teasers’. We arrived at 9:00 am and we had one hour to set up our display. During this time we had a chance to look at the other projects. At 10:00 am the judges came around. They asked lots of questions and were very friendly. Other people who work at Intel came to look at all the projects as well.

After the presentation of the projects, we were given lunch and saw a science show. The science show was about how things move and the man (Terry) did many different experiments. One of the best experiments was the hovercraft. The hovercraft was made out of a plank of wood with a hole cut at the bottom for a leaf blower to fit inside. A chair was also on the plank of wood. A boy sat on the chair, turned on the leaf blower and it worked!

After the science show, the awards ceremony began. The winning projects were very good and had many interactive experiments. At the end of the day we were tired and received a cool calculator ruler each for participating. We had a great day!