Student Council 2015 / 2016

The first ever Student Council election took place during Anti-Bullying Week last November. Students who wished to put themselves forward for the election wrote a manifesto about why their classmates should vote for them and how they would make a good Student Council member. Two members from every class from 2nd up to 6th were elected in a secret ballot.

Student Council members are very important to St. Pius X GNS, because as well as acting as class representatives, they are also excellent ambassadors for our school.

The Student Council meet regularly to discuss Anti-Bullying initiatives that are happening in their classroom. Two students chair the meeting each time. All members report back to their class about good ideas other classes are using to stop bullying and on new themes to focus on. The Student Council have other roles in our school. They are responsible for:

  • Being active upstanders and encouraging others to be
  • Organising Anti-Bullying Week
  • Meeting and greeting VIPs that visit our school
  • Helping out with Active Flag Week
  • Meeting our principal Ms. Marron to discuss Assembly themes
  • Acting as a responsible class representative for important tasks
  • Keeping our Anti-Bullying noticeboard up to date
  • Supporting Jubilee events

Every year a new Student Council will be elected. If you would like to be a member, there are many small steps you could take leading up to the election. Living by our school motto “Be Nice, Be Kind, Keep Others in Mind” is a great starting point.