Up, Up and Away – Rockets

Our class designed and launched our very own rockets. We began by decorating the card and rolling it up around a pipe. Then we chose a top for our rockets. After that we embellished them with glitter, stickers and streamers.

Next we put together the launcher which consists of L-shaped piping with a two litre bottle on the end. All the air vents were sealed with masking tape.

It was now time to launch the rockets. We had to blow air into the bottle and place the rockets on top of the pipe. Everyone got to jump on the bottle to launch their own rocket. Some of the rockets soared right up and three landed on the roof of the school. Unfortunately some of the rockets didn’t launch successfully.

We found that the rockets, which had caps secured on the top, flew the highest. With that knowledge we would like to repeat the experiment. It was a very enjoyable activity.