6th Class Visit The Irish Military War Museum

Best Tour Ever

On the 22nd of October we ventured across Dublin to Meath to go to the World War 1 and World War 2 museum. We travelled by bus and we had great fun singing songs and playing games. When we arrived we were greeted by two lovely men who brought us to the playground and the lunch area. We had a quick but delicious lunch. They then split us into three groups.

There were twenty in each group. We first ran down to the trench where our instructor Mark told us about the fascinating trenches and how utterly vile life was there. He showed us some gun fires. They were soooo loud my entire body shook. You should have seen the excitement when he told us we were having a ride on the tank. We had to wear helmets. We got in and I nearly had a panic attack! The inside was tiny. I thought – How could all the soldiers fit

Our experience on the tank was amazing. We thundered around the field. It felt like we were on top of the world. We then went on to the museum part of the tour. There were some amazing things and we learnt loads. We then went upstairs and we got to try on loads of cool outfits that the soldiers wore. We got to hold guns and bullets. It was amazing. When we heard it was time to go we said “Thank You” to all the lovely people and sadly got back on the bus. We were
really disappointed to leave but we left knowing we would never forget our amazing tour in 6th class.

By Aoife (Ms Fitzgerald’s 6 th Class)

WW1/WW2 Irish War Museum

On Thursday 22 nd October our class went to the Irish Military War Museum in Slane, Co. Meath. We drove on a large double-decker bus and when we arrived the kind workers came out to greet us.

Firstly we enjoyed a talk on the clothing of the different army troops. The Canadians wore a small overcoat and large helmets, whilst the Americans wore long army jackets and small helmets with comfortable padding. Next he showed us briefly, what the Germans wore, they wore hard helmets with a useful part covering the back of the neck.

After that, he brought round the large guns, bayonets and grenades. The majority of the items were extremely heavy and hard to carry.

Finally he showed us the utility belt. Every soldier wore this heavy belt along their chest. It had many compartments including four extra loads of bullets, a satchel for water, food compartments and a satchel for a pickaxe.

After this we enjoyed a quick snack whilst playing in the adventure park. Then we lined up neatly and walked along to the replica trench. As we arrived Mark greeted us nicely and talked briefly about the deadly trenches. He told us about the hand to hand combat inside the trench and along the dreadful battlefields. Lastly he showed us the large guns they would’ve used and did demonstrations to his left. It was a long shot and was excruciatingly loud. You could faintly feel the ground tremor beneath you.

After that we got a short ride in an army tank. It was extremely exciting and many people were gripping hard onto ones arm to insure they would not fall.

By lunchtime I had learnt an awful lot about WW1 and WW2, and gotten to see first-hand what it was really like. Later we went to the large museum with Fergus the Tour Guide. He told us many things about trench warfare and army transportation systems. We walked around the room observing some of the objects used during wartime such as gas masks, bombs, guns, machine guns, vehicles, uniforms, helmets and badges.

I enjoyed my trip to the war museum thoroughly and highly recommend you take a visit.

By Aislinn (Ms Fitzgerald’s 6th Class)

My World War

On Thursday 22 nd October, the two sixth classes went on a tour to the Irish Military War Museum also known as the IMWM.

We were all very excited when we climbed on the bus. I didn’t sit at the back as it makes me feel ill. Sara and I sat in the middle, Laura and Aislinn behind us. We had to entertain ourselves for a while as we had to go all the way to Meath. We were all a bit tired and bored when we pulled in. My voice hurt from singing “100 bottles of beer on the wall” in which we got to 7. That all changed when we saw our tour guides waiting for us. As soon as we saw them in the uniforms we knew this would be an enjoyable afternoon.

After we had safely disembarked off the coach we were all a bit hungry so we were directed to a playground where we could eat some lunch and stretch our legs after sitting down for an hour and a half. Soon after we were told to line up in alphabetical order. We had to be split into three groups out of 60 girls. There was a group which was only Ms. Daly’s class, a group with only Ms. Fitzgerald’s and then a group of both classes. I was in the mixed group. Then my group was told we were going to have the talk first upstairs. I thought the talk was going to be a bit boring but I was very wrong.

Once we were all seated William started to tell us we were going to be handling a lot of objects in this part of the tour. We didn’t know what he was talking about because we couldn’t see anything, just some tables with some sheets over them. Then he pulled the sheet off there were so many things to see all at once. There were guns and other weapons, uniforms, bullets, helmets, utility belts and grenades. Some people even got to try on the uniforms while guns and other weapons were passed around. I got to try on a British uniform which may have been a little big but it was amazing all the same!!

After that we got a five minute break to eat or play around the playground while the other groups came back. Then we were informed that our next activity was a ride in a REAL army tank!! First we heard some gun fires. Don’t worry they were blanks 🙂 They were so loud you could feel them through your body. Then we were split up so half could go in the tank as not everyone could fit. I was in the second group and I nearly wet myself with excitement while I was waiting. When the tank came back the other group told us how amazing it was. This made me scream because I was so looking forward to it. As soon as I was handed my helmet I bolted for the door. I was the first one in. Once everyone had climbed in we began our crazy tank time.

When our amazing ride was over we headed back to have some more lunch. We explained how it was actually quite steady and how one row had fallen off on a sharp turn. Once everyone had arrived we began another five minute break. After everyone had eaten we went to our third and final activity. What was next but the tour of the museum? We met the tour guide Fergus. I didn’t think this part was going to be new and interesting but yet again I was pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately we were in a bit of a rush as the bus was here and we needed to get back so Fergus was under pressure. The main thing he was trying to tell us was that the war wasn’t glamorous or heroic and that everything and everyone was designed to injure or kill. We also saw gas masks. One of them you had to pee on so it wouldn’t let any gas in. We also saw weapons, more uniforms war medals and vehicles such as tanks, motorbikes Jeeps and a bicycle. Then he told us a bit about the two sides in the First World War the Allies and the Central Powers and in the Second World War the Allies and the Axis Powers. In both wars the Allies won which was the side that we were on as we were owned by the UK at the time. So we had to fight with them. Soon after the tour ended and so did our adventure.

After we climbed onto the bus I thought to myself we were all told how boring and horrible war was but in my world war it wasn’t so bad.

Ellen (Ms Fitzgerald’s 6th Class)