Hannah Represents St. Pius X GNS in the Intel Mini Scientist Regional Final 2015

Hannah was the well-deserved winner of the Intel Mini Scientist Competition 2015 in St. Pius X, G.N.S. with her project “What are Holograms?”. She spent the last few weeks further developing her project and did lots of practice presenting her projects to both teachers and students alike.

Hannah is very knowledgeable about her topic as she has spent many weeks researching and investigating this particular area.

On the 14th December Hannah and her family set off for the Regional Final in the Intel plant in Leixlip. She set up her project including her visual, a detailed diagram of how holograms work, two holograms which she herself had designed, and two black boxes in which to exhibit them, a projector, an iPad and her project book detailing all the information relevant to Hannah’s project.

Hannah got her inspiration for the topic from the movies, in particular “Star Wars”, the hologram of Princess Leia. Her first hologram was based on nature… butterflies and the earth. Her second hologram was based on a performance by Snopp Dog and a hologram of Tupac.

The crowds poured into Intel to support the amazing young scientists as they exhibited a variety of projects. Once again the judges questioned the students on their projects and tested out their various theories. All the participants were treated to an incredible Science show with Scientific Sue. A fantastic day was had by all!

Well done Hannah – you did St. Pius X GNS proud!