Me, Mollser

On Thursday 14th January Clara and Evan from the Abbey Theatre came to entertain 5th and 6th classes, showing us a play called Me Mollser.

Before the show started Evan came into our classroom and showed us a few pictures, with some of the faces shaded out. We had to guess what the faces looked like. Then we went to the GP room to see the play.

We all got a big fright when Clara (AKA Mollser) jumped out from under a sheet. Some of us nearly had a heart attack!! She was on her own in this place which was empty except for two boxes full of things which reminded her of the people who lived in the same tenement building as her. She gave a few of the packages to some of us which had items in them too.

She told us a story about a day when she got lost. She had found a shop with the most amazing doll house in it. She used the boxes to make a replica of that doll’s house.

Suddenly she started to cough uncontrollably. She even coughed up a bit of blood. She told us it was “the consumption” (TB). Mollser informed us how it started and then unexpectedly something strange happened. She walked to the back of the stage and Evan came in and put a small coffin on the stage. The play ended and we were all so sad. We would like to say a big thank you to Evan and Clara for showing us the amazing play. We learned loads about living in the Tenements around the time of the Lockouts and the 1916 Rising.