Engineering Week

Engineering Week in St. Pius X G.N.S. with

The girls in 2nd and 5th classes had a fantastic opportunity over the last few weeks to avail of the expertise of engineer Eamonn McDonagh in preparation for Engineering Week 2016. Eamonn visited the classes a few weeks ago to discuss  engineering with the girls.   He gave a PowerPoint presentation and explained all the different types of engineering relating to the students’ experiences.  He discussed the projects the girls were hoping to work on. They enthusiastically shared their ideas with him.   2nd and 5th classes worked together to come up with an approach and a plan to build their designs.  The projects included a marble run, parachutes, catapults, whole cities, robots and constructions!   One fantastic and helpful piece of advice which Eamonn gave to the girls was the importance of a triangle in basic construction.   The girls drew out plans, decided on materials needed and predicted potential difficulties.  Eamonn returned and gave positive criticism and advice.  The girls took it on board and in many cases were delighted to discover that the suggestions Eamonn provided really helped their project.   Eamonn assured  the girls he would return during Engineering Week to view the final products of their hard work.  When he returned on Thurday, he was  pleasantly surprised to see that all the students had successfully completed their projects.  They were delighted that Eamonn had taken the time to see the final result.  Thanks Eamonn. We can see many potential engineering careers from St. Pius X, G.N.S. in the future!

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