Student Council Photoshoot

On Friday 17th of June, the Student Council went to Templeogue Village for a photoshoot. We met the Mayor of South Dublin and the people who run the Tidy Towns campaign. We took photos with them. They gave us a bag full of things to promote the ‘Bin Your Gum when you’re done’ campaign. We then went to the The Morgue car park and we rode in eco cars. Eco cars are like bikes but they have a roof and seats at the back for passengers. Pretty much, it’s a car that you pedal. Then a man came into the car park and asked some of us questions about ‘Bin Your Gum When You’re Done’ campaign. He asked us questions such as how we could help promote this and how girls like us could help. He also interviewed Ms.Daly and asked her why this campaign is important in schools. We then went back to the photoshoot place and we played a game. We all had 30 seconds to throw as many balls into a basket as we could. Laura in 6th class won and she threw over 20 balls into the basket. We had great fun on Friday and we want to thank the ‘Bin Your Gum When You’re Done’ campaign team.