The Green Commitee

Low Energy Green Day

On Friday 21st October 2016 St. Pius X GNS had a Low Energy Day. We weren’t allowed to use any electricity during the entire day. We turned off the lights, our interactive whiteboards, our computers and our CD players. The teachers weren’t allowed to use the phones or the photocopiers. We held our Low Energy Day because we are applying for our Energy Flag and we wanted to reduce the amount of pollution in our environment from electricity powered in factories.

Some children dressed up in old-fashioned clothes, some classes played old-fashioned games and board games, classes wrote diary entries from long ago and some classes even told stories by candlelight!

Our energy slogan is ‘The switch won’t bite so turn off the light!’ and Flicker the Fairy is our energy mascot. We hope that our awareness day will encourage parents to turn off lights, put devices on stand-by and reduce the amount of electricity they use.

We learned that we really rely on electricity but that it is not necessary to use so much of it!

From The Green Committee