Third Class Active School Activities in March

From an active ‘líne’ to Gaelic football training every Wednesday, the girls in 3rd Class are getting plenty of exercise!

Ms. O'Reilly

Ms. O’Reilly’s 3rd Class has turned their ‘líne’ into an active one to incorporate more activity into their day.  Every week one teacher is on doors and her class picks a new dance from GoNoodle, they teach the new dance to all the other classes. It is great to get our hearts racing and our energy levels up before we go back to class.

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Ms. Buckley

Ms. Buckley’s 3rd Class do Gaelic football training every Wednesday with Kevin from Templeogue / Synge Street.  We are learning many skills like soloing, hand passing, kicking and catching.  We have great fun and we are all really hot afterwards!  We play one another in matches and it can get very competitive but we are all friends again after.  Ms. Buckley hopes we will play for Kerry some day but we hope to wear the Dublin jersey instead.  Croke Park here we come!!!

Leonor and Hannah – Student Council Members 

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