Active Week 2017

Eager to get to ‘Wake Up Shake Up’, I woke up bright and early and cycled to school on Tuesday morning. We danced to a variety of songs in the yard – my favourite being ‘No’ by Meghan Traynor. After the morning bell, we lined up for a brisk 5K walk – past Templeogue College, St. Mary’s RFC, St. Jude’s and Faughs GAA, along the N81 and back to school via Templeogue Village. Phew! There were more activities to come. I tried hockey for the first time with Ms. Judge. We learned the ‘Indian dribble’ and the ’Push pass’. It was really enjoyable. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s menu – cricket and (the more relaxing!) yoga.

By Kathryn King, Ms. Sheehan’s 4th class



Tuesday of Active Week was fun because in the morning we did Wake Up Shake Up where we all copy the sixth class girls dancing. Then we went on a 5K walk, we talked to each other so we got distracted from how tired we were. It’s nice to have a break from class and get some exercise. After that we have our lunch and went out to yard. We played hockey and Ms. Judge was teaching us, we practiced in pairs first and then we put on our gumshields and shin pads and broke into three teams, the orange team, the blue team and the non-bibs.We took turns playing each other. It was a lot of fun. My favourite activity of the day was the 5K walk. I can’t wait to play hockey again. Active Tuesdays are so much fun!

By Lily May Collins, Ms. Sheehan’s 4th class



During Active Week we do Wake Up Shake Up at 8.30am before school every day. First we do one or maybe even two dances and then we do some active movements. Tuesday 25/04/17 was the second day of Active Week. I was already having the time of my life. We went on a 5km walk, it was tiring but I definitely enjoyed it. My partner was Laura but I talked to Lola and Emma, as well as Laura. Last but NOT least was hockey with Miss Judge. First we did push passing, then we practised our Indian dribble and before hockey ended we played matches. There were three teams, the blues, the oranges and the non bibs (I was on the orange team!). I have had such a good week so far and I can’t wait for the activities for the week to come!!!

By Dea Moloney, Ms. Sheehan’s 4th class