Active Week

It was active week in our school, it involved lots of different and fun activities like a 5km walk, yoga, cricket, dancing and plenty more. 6th class taught the classes a dance that they had to learn and had a lot of fun doing. 6th class also did an obstacle course against the teachers and we won! Every morning we did ‘Wake Up Shake Up at 8:30am, this involved lots of dancing. Active Week was really good because it allowed everyone to try out new sports and learn how important it is to stay active while having fun.

By Leah Wilson

This week was active week. We did many things with the school that were active and fun. My favourite was the Ms Doherty’s Vs Ms Fitzgeralds ‘s obstacle course, Ms Doherty’s won! I was in the first race and we won! I also enjoyed yoga and cricket. I am also in the Gymnastics Display, we are doing it on Friday. The song we are performing is by Little Mix and is called Touch. On Friday we went to a class and taught them a dance “girls just want to have fun”. I taught first class and it was a great feeling teaching them a dance because I love to dance! I also got to do the wake up shake up. I love active week and I am sad that it is my last year doing it.

By Hannah Dixon

This week was active week. We did lots of different activities. In the morning we did wake up shake up, which made our minds active for the day. We did a 5km walk, Yoga, ultimate frisby but my favourite was the obstacle course and cricket. We did teacher vs student and the students won although it was very close. We created a dance for the Gymnastics Display to the song touch. On Friday Emily, Sadhbh, Jessica and I went to Ms Hughes class to teach them dance and it was so fun. I loved active week and everybody else did!

By Sophia Noble and Sian Conlon