Awesome Active Week Ms Mulligans 3rd Class

Awesome Active Week

Ms Mulligan’s 3rd class

On Monday we played Dodge ball with Hannah and Amelia who are in Ms Fitzgerald’s sixth class. We really enjoyed it! It was so much fun and the girls were so good at explaining the rules and making it fun! J

We also had dancing with Ms O’Reilly. We learned a dance from Hairspray to the song ‘Nicest kids in town’. We even performed in front of an audience including Mrs Marron.  She said that we were fantastic!!

On Tuesday we played hockey with Ms Judge. We learned how to do the ‘Indian dribble’ and the ‘push-pass’. We played hockey matches before we finished up. It was very enjoyable.

We also had Yoga with Ms French. We really liked it because it was relaxing and we learned so many new Yoga poses such as the ‘dancer’ and the ‘tree’.

On Wednesday we went for a walk. (Walk a mile with a smile) We completed it in 11 minutes! JIt was such a lovely morning for it.  Some of the parents on the school’s parents association came on the walk with us also.

On Thursday the teachers competed against some of the sixth class girls in an obstacle course. We made posters and banners to cheer on our teacher! It was so much fun! J