Navan Choral Competition

On the 3rd of May 2017 the school choir went to Navan for a singing competition. We left for Navan at 9:15am and arrived at around 10:30am. Once we went into the arena we were assigned to our seats. There were 12 schools involved and we were 6th to perform. The songs we sang were ‘Dirait on’ and ‘We sing we dance’.  We were very nervous but once we got up there we were unstoppable! It was a tough competition and all our fingers were crossed but once we were called for 3rd place we were cheering like mad! Ms Marron went to collect the prize. It was a shiny silver plaque with 3rd place engraved on it. We celebrated on the bus and the next day we went around to all the classes with the award. It was a great experience and we thank Ms Marron, Ms Sheehan, Ms Mulligan and all the other people that helped along the way.

By Maria Mc Mahon and Kate Cloughley , 6th Class