5th and 6th classes go on a Tree Trail  in Bushy Park!

We were excited as we arrived in Bushy Park for our annual Tree Trail!  It was a beautiful Autumn morning.    We spotted so many amazing trees of all shapes and sizes, some with bare branches, others with colourful leaves  ready to fall in the gentle breeze.   The Giant Redwood is always a favourite as is the infamous haunted tree!  We took bark rubbings and collected leaves, acorns and helicopters from the forest floor.   Squirrels were busy collecting nuts in preparation for their Winter sleep.  Insects were scurrying about under the leaves and rocks.   As we walked around the lake, we couldn’t miss the stunning Willow tree.  We spied a heron, a swan preening itself and some very cute little ducklings as well!   Having excellent photographers in our classes, we took some fantastic photos!    We had so much fun and are already looking forward to our Spring Tree Trail in March!