Intel Mini Scientist Competition 2017

On Thursday the 16th of November the two fifth classes took part in the Intel Mini Scientist Competition. And the end of September the girls were placed in groups in which they formulated a question in order to make a hypothesis. Over the next few weeks they did research, surveys, tests and experiments and then came to conclusions. They prepared a project book and a display poster.

The judges, along with the girls’ families, then came to our presentation day. They viewed these projects and listened to the girls oral presentation. The judges asked lots of questions to really test the girls’ knowledge! The girls spoke with great confidence and explained clearly their various topics. The projects coveted a variety of topics such as volcanoes, allergies, chemical reactions, solar power, blue light and even the nature of dogs’ hearing and more!

The teachers and children are very grateful for all of the parental support over the last few weeks. Every group did brilliant work!  First prize was awarded to a group that explored why one is taller in the morning. Second prize was awarded to  a group that examined the spread and containment of germs. The girls had a fantastic day!