6th classes “Living the Dream” in Microsoft, Dream Space!

On the 7th of June 2018,  6th  classes had the fantastic opportunity of visiting Dream Space in Microsoft.

The day started off with a short tour of the incredible building. We saw the digital lake and mountain and many of the ground floor restaurants.

Shoshanna was showing us around and explained all about the facilities there. As well as 5 restaurants, there`s a gym, yoga room and a roof top garden where employees can relax!  She told us about all the different jobs at Microsoft and how she started working there.

Next, we entered Dream Space.  As we munched on a variety of muffins, Amanda explained what we would be doing throughout the day.

First of all, we were taught how to do coding and use a micro bit.  We learnt about the global goals and in groups, we used mixed reality to create a video to demonstrate a few of them.   Amanda then showed us our videos on the big screens!  Everyone was very impressed!

After a lovely lunch of burgers, chips and chicken, it was time to go home. We were given a Microsoft bag that included a notebook, a pen, a Dream Space sticker, some earphones and a cookie each, from one of their gorgeous bakeries!

As if that wasn’t enough, we were also surprised with ice cream from a Teddy’s ice cream van.

We really enjoyed the day and described it as a once in a lifetime experience!   We all agreed that every child should get to go there some day!