Monthly Archives: November 2018

Intel 2018

The day had finally arrived and we (the three 5th classes) hurried to our stands where we had set up our projects the previous day.  The excitement and tension was palpable!  Having spent many weeks researching and investigating our scientific question, we eagerly awaited the judges` arrival!  We were nervous, but very excited to hear [...]

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St Pius X GNS become CSI for the day!

Garda Aoife and Garda Sophie solve the crime! The three 5th classes had a forensics workshop with Garda Brendan and Garda Andy.  They showed us a fictional crime scene where,  on returning from the shops, Garda Brendan found his front door smashed in.  He called 999 and we (Garda Aoife and Garda Sophie) turned up [...]

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Team Hope Shoe Box Appeal 2018

We were delighted to support the Team Hope Shoe Box Appeal this year.  We had over 520 boxes donated.  It was a fantastic response.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to make up a shoe box.

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