St Pius X GNS become CSI for the day!

Garda Aoife and Garda Sophie solve the crime!

The three 5th classes had a forensics workshop with Garda Brendan and Garda Andy.  They showed us a fictional crime scene where,  on returning from the shops, Garda Brendan found his front door smashed in.  He called 999 and we (Garda Aoife and Garda Sophie) turned up to solve the crime!  We found a hammer and blood (ketchup!) on the floor.  We cordoned off the crime scene.  After that Garda Andy handed us rubber gloves so we wouldn`t contaminate the crime scene and the DNA evidence.   We thought there must be fingerprints on the hammer and placed it in an evidence bag.  We used a swab to put the blood into another evidence bag.  Next we returned to the Garda station (table).  We used magnetic dust to brush the hammer for fingerprints and used sellotape to take them off.  We noticed fingerprints on the sellotape.   We pretended to send the fingerprints to the computer machine section but there was no match.  There was also no match with the blood.   After that, we pretended it was a year later, when a thief was arrested for stealing sweets from Seven Days.   We arrested the thief and took her back to the Garda Station.  Next we took her fingerprints and interviewed her.  She admitted she owned the hammer, but claimed she was not at the scene of the burglary the year before.   HOWEVER…..we did find a match to the blood!

We solved the crime and the perpetrator went to court!

By Aoife McGarry and Sophie Cullen