RDS Science Blast 2019

5th classes present projects at Science Blast 2019!

On Thursday 7th March, the three 5th classes hopped on two buses to take them to Science Blast in the RDS.

We were presenting projects which we had been working on over the past few months.   We were wearing our silver identification bracelets and buzzing with excitement about the day ahead. We registered when we arrived, found our stands with our project names clearly on display and started to set up!   We noticed the many eye-catching displays all around us.  Our groups were timetabled throughout the day, so we all got a chance to present to the judges and visitors.  We also had the opportunity and lots of time to explore, participate in the many fun activities and investigate projects from other schools.  Each group had a programme of events and a map.

There were so many exciting activities.  The most popular ones had the longest queues!  We loved the virtual reality and the bed of nails.  The bed of nails is a plastic bed with a glass surface on which there are many holes… 3600 to be exact!  The holes are there for the nails, which are in a vertical position, to raise you up and down as you are lying on it!   It felt really weird.   Another option was to watch one of the many science shows including “Gastronaut”, “Science and Breakdancing” and “Dangerous Equations”

The judges spent lots of time at each stand and were really interested in how we went about our investigations and the conclusions we had drawn.  They were impressed with how our overall questions were answered comprehensively and creatively.  Despite several probing questions, they found we demonstrated great knowledge of our subject.  They mentioned how it was obvious that each group worked as a team.

RTÉjr  interviewed lots of the girls and they were delighted with a few minutes in the spotlight (see Phil Smyth, the Science guy, on RTÉjr,  facebook and twitter.).   The other students crowded around, adrenalin pumping!

In the afternoon, the judges visited each project to give feedback and they presented every school with a Science Blast plaque.

At the end of the day we were exhausted but proud of our wonderful achievement.