Ms. Barron’s Class visit MOLI

On Tuesday the 7th of January 2020 Ms. Barron’s 5th class went to MOLI which stands for Museum Of Literature Ireland in Newman’s House on St. Stephen’s Green.

When we first walked in, we got a warm welcome from the mentors Jennie and Lily and the tour guides Sean, Joyce, Monica, Nora and Alison. We went downstairs and they hung up our bags and coats.

When we went upstairs, we were directed to the learning room where we would be doing the “Shut your eyes and see” Drama workshop. When we first walked in, we got into groups and thought of a team name with a small dance to go with it.   Some of the names were “The Wakamama Noodles”, “The Kardashian Glam” and “The Purple Plums”. We also did miming, portmanteaus, Guess the fairytale and our FAVOURITE one was Once upon a time. This is where you get a piece of paper and everyone writes down a sentence from a story.  You can`t see what everyone else is writing. When everyone was finished writing their sentences, we looked at their pages and turned our story into a play.


After the workshop was finished, we went downstairs to see the original copy of Ulysses by James Joyce which is priceless. We also saw some other James Joyce books in different languages. James Joyce was known for making up portmanteaus.

We then studied a 3D map of Dublin
City Centre. We then went to the Kate O’Brien exhibition. We got to use a typewriter and try on clothes such as dresses, jumpers, and high heels from the 1900s.  The floor was designed like a bull ring.

Sadly, we had to leave after that. We went downstairs to collect our coats and bags. We headed to the band stand in St. Stephen’s Green to eat our lunches. When everyone was finished, the teachers allowed us to go into the playground while we waited for the bus.


Overall our visit to MOLI was really fun and we would recommend it and would love to go again.

By Ciara Deasy and Hannah Blaney

Ms. Barron’s 5th Class