RDS Science Blast 2020

5th classes present projects at Science Blast 2020

It was Wednesday 4th March 2020.   After months of preparation, investigation and experimentation, we (the two 5th classes) gathered up the evidence of our scientific work and headed on a bus to present our projects at Science Blast in the RDS.   We wore our neon yellow identification bracelets.   Our projects were on nano science and graphene.  When we arrived at the RDS lots of other buses parking were filled with students who were also presenting. When we got inside, the tension and excitement was palpable.  We set up our stands and headed off in our groups while one group manned our stands to answer the many questions from judges, parents, teachers and students from other schools.   One of our projects was on the STEM trail and therefore  lots of people stopped by.    Each group had a time slot to present, so everyone had a chance to look around.


There were different times to see a variety of science shows. Lots of us enjoyed doing games to win prizes, visiting photo booths with props and getting treats in the food hall. We all enjoyed the responsibility of walking around in our groups chatting together and having fun! Throughout the day judges came around and asked us questions about our project. Luckily we knew our information well so we did not get stuck answering them.

We were really happy when we got great feedback from the judges and received a glass plaque for participation. Overall we had a great time and we would love to do it again some day!

By: Amy, Carla, Alice and Bailee