Science Week in Ms Hughes’ 3rd class

Today we had so much fun participating in Science Week 2020. We took part in 6 science investigations and found out lots of cool new facts and tried out lots of new skills.

The Red pod took on “Amazing Triangles” and used mini marshmallows and cocktail sticks to construct a village, by making the buildings out of 3D shapes. They learned that triangles/pyramids are strong and when they are used across a square/cube, they make the shape stronger. This was part of the forces and materials strand in Science.

The Yellow pod took on “Investigating Fruit”. They examined and compared 7 full fruits and worked as a team to chat about their findings. We then chopped the fruit in half and did some more investigating and found that some of the fruits are very fragrant and some are totally different to what we thought might be inside. They also did a tally count of the class’ favourite fruits, and apples won outright, followed by passionfruit! This was part of the living things strand in Science.

The Pink pod got crafty and made “Helicopters” using paper and a scissors. A very clever and easy little activity, but so much fun involved! They found that if you drop the helicopters from a height, they will spin to the floor, but if you attach a paper clip to the end of it, it will spin and fall faster to the floor! They learned how gravity works and how things fall if you add weight or change its shape! This was part of the forces strand in Science.

The Green pod were lucky enough to “Make Butter” from scratch!! They used jars with cream inside and took turns to shake the jar vigorously, and finally the liquid and the solid separated, and they were left with butter and buttermilk! This was part of the materials strand in Science.

The Orange pod made “Spiralling Snakes”. They decorated their snakes, then cut out the spiral and attached a string. Then they were hung above the radiator and we watched them dance and spiral about! We learned that this is due to the warm air rising from the radiator and the cold air gathering below. When the warm and cold air meet, it creates a convection current. The warm air rising makes the snakes dance! This was part of the heat strand in Science.

The Purple pod made “Acrobatic Clowns”. They learned that all objects have a balancing point, which is called the centre of gravity and the lower you make the centre of gravity, the more stable the object will be. They decorated and cut out their cardboard clowns, then attached coins to their hands as the clowns were doing a handstand and were able to balance the clown on their finger! It was lots of fun! This was part of the forces strand in Science.