Engineers Week 2021

Engineering Week 2021 was a very different experience for many classes in St. Pius X G.N.S. especially for those who were working remotely. However our girls rose to the challenge.  STEPS engineers Ireland provided a variety of engineering events, activities and resources to interest all age groups. The students got a wonderful taste of the world of engineering.  There were a number of engineering films suitable for all age levels, which could be watched remotely from home, or on the IWBs or Smart Boards in the classrooms.  Many of the younger classes undertook incredible engineering challenges creating lego Covid-19 safe classrooms, patrol officers, fun fairs and much, much more.  Engineer Eamonn McDonagh talked virtually with Ms. Bracken`s 1st class about their fabulous lego creations!  Some of the senior classes took on quite complicated tasks – design and make a wheelchair, prosthetic or a raincoat.   The results were very impressive.  Eamonn McDonagh joined the 5th class assemblies to discuss their designs and constructions.  He questioned the girls about any complications or difficulties they encountered and how they attempted to resolve them.   The two 5th classes also participated in “I`m an engineer, get me out of here”, where they talked with engineers in real time and voted for their favourite. The engineers were very impressed with the quality of the questions and thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with the girls.  STEPS and Microsoft DreamSpace hosted a virtual Engineering Week event “Think like an Engineer”, which many of the 6th class girls enjoyed.  All the students who participated in Engineering Week received a well-earned goodie bag and certificate for all the fantastic engineering work they carried out throughout Engineering Week 2021!   Congratulations to all of our budding young engineers!