Our 1st day at Forest School!

Third class go to Forest School on Thursday mornings. We leave school at 9.00. We walk together to Bushy park.
Ms. French and Claudia are waiting for us in the park. We ask the Guardian Tree permission to enter the forest. We promise to look after the forest and each other.
Our forest school site has a tarp up high to give us shelter. There is a groundsheet and sit mats to sit on. There is a tippy tap to wash our hands.
We even have soap and sanitizer.
We learn about nature. Sometimes we do nature crafts. There is always a challenge like, practicing knots, building a den or climbing up a hill using a rope.
Playing games and singing songs is also part of forest school.
We have a small lunch while we are there.  We sit and meditate and draw after lunch. There is so much nature to see and hear. We have seen a squirrel, a heron, a thrush and a robin. We are learning about trees like the oak, the sycamore, the yew and the elder.
We tidy up before we go. We leave no trace and take everything home. We get back to school at 12.15.