Science Blast 2021 Mr. Walshe’s 5th Class

We’d all been looking forward to Science Blast since the start of the year. Girls who had heard it from their siblings told their friends, who told their friends until the whole class knew. So, when Mr. Walshe made the announcement thoughts and questions filled the room. To help us know what to do, we watched a few videos on past Science Blasts and different scientific procedures. After a few trial and errors, the questions that we decided on were:

  • Why do we cry?
  • Could we have a sixth sense?
  • Does different music/ genres affect our sleep?
  • Do different colours affect our mood?
  • Why do we have allergies?

Each pod investigated their own question.

The first thing we did to start our investigation was to research our questions on the school Chromebooks. Next, we started experimenting. Then we moved onto our survey. Each pod conducted a survey on the class and some of us recorded them on bar charts, pie charts and graphs.

Now it was time to bring it all together. Some of us wrote our research down and put it on a poster presentation. Others out it all on a PowerPoint. A few even did a combination of both!

Finally, we presented in front of the judges. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we couldn’t go to the RDS but thanks to Zoom, we still got to present. The first judge, Mags, judged projects 1, 2 and 3 and Gwen (the second judge) judged projects 4 and 5. The judges were really nice and managed to make the entire presentation fun and enjoyable. They gave great feedback and really helped.

To end it all we got a lovely Science Blast plaque as a reward for our hard work. Each pod took a picture with their project and the plaque. The teachers threw a special surprise giving us all ice cream. In conclusion, Science Blast 2021 was an absolute, well, BLAST!