Science Blast 2021 Ms. Smiths 5th Class

Some of us heard about Science Blast through our older siblings and others had heard about it from our teacher Ms.Smith.  We watched a few videos on Science Blast T.V. which helped us understand the steps to answering a science question.

Each pod had to come up with a science question that we had all wondered about.   These are the six questions that our class investigated:

  • What are tears and where do they come from?
  • Are black and white colours?
  • Does the brand/flavour of ice-cream affect the melting time?
  • Why and how do our fingers wrinkle in water?
  • Do dogs understand human speech?
  • How do angler fish glow in water?

As you can see, all of our questions are very different. Firstly we did research using the chromebooks in school and our devices at home.   We then did experiments.  Some of us did surveys with our class and used graphs and pie charts to record our information.   A number of groups took photos to show the progress of their investigation.

We had to record and display all of our information (as there was a lot of it!) by using PowerPoint Presentations. A2 card, slide shows, drawings and diagrams.

Because of Covid-19, we couldn`t present our projects at the RDS, so two judges (Avril and Valerie) judged our projects on Zoom.   Each one judged three pods. Avril judged pods 1,2 and 3 and Valerie judged pods 4,5 and 6.  The judging was fun because we all got a chance to talk about our part in the project.  We got lots of great praise and excellent feedback from the judges.