5th and 6th classes are given the opportunity to talk with Italian Space Engineers Giulia and Cristina on a Zoom call during Science Week 2021!

Thanks to Lorcan Kelleher, we (the 5th and 6th classes) were given the opportunity to talk with Italian Space Engineers Giulia and Cristina.   These two inspirational young women gave fantastic presentations on how stars are formed and how we use Space to keep an eye on Earth.  They talked about how they came to have these extraordinary careers.  Each class got a chance to ask questions and Giulia spent time considering and answering each question.  It`s obvious that Giulia and Cristina love their jobs!

The following are just a few of what we found to be really fascinating and interesting points from the call:

  • Giulia said that she would not like to go into space because it makes you feel a lot older, your bones hurt and you always feel tired and often sick!
  • We also learned about Black Holes and that once anything enters a black hole in space it can NEVER leave!
  • She also said that one of her favourite planets was Saturn and loves the idea of it, as a planet, floating and bobbing about on Earth’s oceans as it is a less dense planet.
  • No one will be living on Venus anytime soon as it is full of fire and acid rain!
  • A teaspoon of neutron star material equals the weight of about 900 Great Pyramids of Giza!
  • There is a possibility that there was once life on Mars, but there is definitely not any more as the bubble/shield that kept all the gas in has stopped working!
  • Did you know that it`s possible to see the rings and moons of Jupiter through a telescope?
  • All the planets in our solar system are named after ancient Roman Gods, but nowadays, if you discover your own star, you can name it after yourself! Get discovering!

Thanks Lorcan, Giulia and Cristina for taking time to show us that even though we`re still in primary school, Space Engineering is  just one of the many amazing careers we can consider as we continue to work hard in St. Pius X G.N.S. in all areas of STEM!