5th class girls go on an Autumn Tree Trail in Bushy Park!

On Wednesday 5th October 2022, we excitedly headed off for a Tree Trail in Bushy Park.  We were all set with our clip boards and Tree Trail packs, and looked forward to the task ahead!

Our mission was to find the 15 trees that were outlined in the pack.   The plinths with the information about the trees were dotted all around the park and we had a map to follow.  There was lots of team work involved!  As soon as we arrived we checked our maps for the location of the first tree and were delighted to quickly find it.   There was no stopping us now!  We were able to do leaf, fruit and tree rubbings of each of the 15 trees.  It was a beautiful sight to watch the colourful leaves of the tall, magnificent trees blowing in the Autumn wind.

We visited the stunning lake and the waterfall.  We saw squirrels and some girls even caught sight of a heron! There were lots of people exercising and walking their dogs.   Being Autumn, the ground was full of colourful leaves and fruits.

We were chuffed that we had succeeded in finding the 15 trees.   We had accomplished our mission!  Starting to feel tired, hungry but very happy we headed back.  Using the rubbings, leaves and fruit collected, we started on group projects depicting an excellent morning`s work in beautiful Bushy Park!  Enjoy the photos of our wonderful Tree Trail!