Heather takes on her official role as Ambassador Dog in St. Pius X Girls`

Heather is an Ambassador for the Irish Guide Dogs.   She worked for 8 years with a blind lady in Kilkenny and is now retired.  Thanks to Sarah Ryan and her mam, we now have access to Heather for a time every Wednesday.  We had three assemblies last week where Heather received a rapturous welcome and was presented by Ms. Doyle with her official school bandana complete with her name and school crest.  Sarah is Heather`s handler and will be with Heather all the time she is in our school.  Heather lives with Sarah`s mam Ann. Thank you Sarah and Ann for making it possible for the girls in our school to spend time with this wonderful dog.

Heather is taking on a Well Being role and will be going on Well Being walks with classes and individual children.  Movement breaks will also be a very special time with Heather.  Some children might enjoy reading for Heather and she will also be spending time with girls who may be feeling a little bit anxious or worried.

Both the pupils and staff love when Heather visits. She brings a huge smile to all of our faces.  Heather makes us feel positive, calm and relaxed.  We have assigned a special place on the school website where you can enjoy lots of photos of lovely Heather at work.

A very warm welcome to our school Heather.