Jr Infants practice their Narrative Writing!

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about narrative writing. We prepared for this by reading familiar fairy tales.  We discussed the characters, the settings and the problems they encountered and how they were solved. We practised sequencing these stories, drew our favourite characters and visualised the settings. Then we were ready to write our own.

First the girls came up with ideas for characters, a setting, a problem and a solution.  The girls voted for their favourite at each stage. They used straws to cast their votes.  (This led to lots of interesting discussions about how women and girls were not always allowed to vote, and how unfair it was and still is in other places!)  We then wrote our story on the board. This was very much a collaborative effort.   We tried to use words we are already familiar with. Once we were happy with the story, we printed it off for the girls to illustrate.   

On Thursday they got to read their story to Heather and Sarah the main characters of the story.   

We had a lot of fun doing this project and we learned a lot along the way.  Watch out for us on the best sellers list!