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Annual celebrations

Engineer’s Week 2024

Engineers Week in St. Pius is a week we all look forward to every year.

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Science Week 2023

Garda Brendan delivers a fun, interactive forensics workshop to the 5th classes!

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Engineers Week 2023

During Engineering Week 2023, Laura, Eva ,Sophia, Emilia, Julia, and Lucy win the in class lego competition with Arati.  Lucy and Julia built an oven with a fan, Eva and Laura a helicopter with a luggage chute at the back, and Emilia and Sophia a ferris wheel on a platform with wheels!  Amazing lego creations! [...]

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Science Week 2022

The two 5th classes have had a very busy, but exciting Science Week 2022! They participated in a fun forensics workshop with Garda Brendan,talked with scientists online in real time and, after learning all about the human respiratory system, they made models showing the workings of the human lungs.

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Maths Week 2022

Ms. Dennedy`s Senior Infants and Ms. Smith`s 5th class have fun as they buddy up for a Maths Trail around the school during Maths Week 2022.

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