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Collecting the Green School Energy Flag

Yesterday we collected our Green School energy flag. The Green School committee have been working hard all year for this. There was an energy monitor in each classroom to remind others to conserve energy, we discussed Green School matters in meetings throughout the year, litter pickers picked up rubbish around the school, there was a […]

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The Green Commitee

Low Energy Green Day On Friday 21st October 2016 St. Pius X GNS had a Low Energy Day. We weren’t allowed to use any electricity during the entire day. We turned off the lights, our interactive whiteboards, our computers and our CD players. The teachers weren’t allowed to use the phones or the photocopiers. We […]

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Road Safety Awareness

On Monday the 3rd of October, Senior infants to 2nd class went on a walk to promote Road Safety Awareness. We all wore our new high-vis jackets and we were accompanied by 3 local Gardai. Garda Ben, Garda Philip and Garda Brendan then told us about all the different types of road safety, whether we […]

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5th Class Go On A Tree Trail In Bushy Park

On a beautiful, sunny, autumnal day in October 2015, the two 5th classes of St. Pius X G.N.S. headed off on a Tree Trail to Bushy Park. We were so excited! Ms. Smith and Ms. Judge had organised clipboards, maps, paper bags, cameras and A4 sheets of paper for each group. Six captains were chosen [...]

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Marine Explorers Project 2015

The two 5th classes in St. Pius X G.N.S. participated in a fascinating Marine Explorers Project and spent an exciting month taking care of nine creatures in an aquarium and doing lots of other activities relating to that incredible marine world that most of us know very little about. Marine Explorers Project We started the [...]

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