Headlice is a very common problem in schools.  We would urge you to be vigilant and respond when you are notified of an outbreak in the class.

It will take time to eradicate the problem from the class, but it will continue indefinitely if every parent does not follow the steps recommended.

Buying expensive treatments for headlice DO NOT WORK.

The Public Health Nurse advises that there is only one sure way to completely eradicate head lice.

  1. First wash the hair and add conditioner.
  2.  Next fine comb the hair with a good quality fine comb
  3. If the hair is infested, (the lice will come onto the comb with the conditioner).
  4. If there are no lice on the comb, your child’s hair is not infested.
  5. After thoroughly fine combing the hair, rinse and dry as normal.
  6. You will need to repeat this process again on Day 5, Day 9 and Day 13 to ensure eradication.
  7. The life cycle of a head louse is 13 days so on the final day the hair should be completely clear.
  8. All members of your family need to follow this procedure to ensure a complete eradication in the home.

There are many preparations available in the chemist shop, but lice become immune to over treatment with chemicals. Looking at the hair is not a satisfactory method of checking. The only way to be sure your child’s hair is clear of head lice is to follow the procedure above.

There is also a Bug Busting Kit which a lot of parents have found to be very effective.  The kit comprises of a set of combs, no chemicals. They are available to purchase online from Inish Pharmacy www.inishpharmacy.com

There are 2 links below and I would earnestly ask you to watch them yourselves and treat your child as recommended.

Part 1  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCoZP5Aso5U  Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGvGY72zAqI


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