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Science Blast 2021 Ms. Smiths 5th Class

Some of us heard about Science Blast through our older siblings and others had heard about it from our teacher Ms.Smith.  We watched a few videos on Science Blast T.V. which helped us understand the steps to answering a science question. Each pod had to come up with a science question that we had all [...]

Ms. Smith’s Class enjoy Sports Day and Active Week 2021

Intel Mini Scientist Challenge 3

We watched a video with Phil the Scientist which took us through a number of experiments to explore static electricity.  Check out the photos to see how we got on..."

Intel Mini Scientist Challenge

"As one of our Intel Mini Scientist challenges we planted wheatgrass and we`re watching it grow. Check out these photos to see our green-fingered 5th class girls at work!"

Intel Mini Scientist 2020 – Challenge 1

For challenge 1 of the Intel Mini Scientist 2020, we (the two 5th classes) had to build a working bionic hand…..and we did!  Under the excellent guidance of Phil “The Scientist guy” from the RTÉ hub, we learned all about human limbs and how our joints work.   From there Phil guided us through the steps [...]

An exciting start to Science Week 2020 for 5th class girls!

Cycling safety with Garda Brendan!

5th class girls having fun during Maths Week 2020

5th class girls do an Autumn Tree Trail in Bushy Park

On Friday 16th October 2020, we excitedly headed off for a Tree Trail in Bushy Park.  We were all set with our clip boards and Tree Trail packs and looked forward to the task ahead! Our mission was to find the 15 trees that were outlined in the pack.   The plinths with the information about [...]